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Unbroken Resilience, a shot film to be released Spring this year! 

  • Subject matter is about sexual assault - my own personal story of being a 20-year rape survivor
  • Kickstarter Campaign in motion for more details!
  • Opens a dialouge that is necessary for healing in life and relationships

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“Sharing one's story creates a freedom to create a piece of history in one's own words.”

- Aprille

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  • Aprille interviews Nikki Woods,
    Tom Joyner Morning Show + Media Expert
  • Training: Increase Your Impact & Revenue
  • Be Unpopular
  • Aprille's Mastermind Global Mission
  • Aprille  interviews Tory Johnson of GMA
  • Aprille Interviews Lisa Nichols


  • Founder of Women Recharged
  • CEO of Coach, Speak & Serve™ 
  • Executive Producer of the film Mommy or Not (2016)
  • Executive Producer of the short film, Resilience (2016)
  • Producer of CEO Life (12/2015)
  • Producer of Fabulous New You Conference (2 years)
  • Author of 2 Best Sellers

Aprille Franks-Hunt

A Master Business Coach, Brand Strategist and Philanthropist Aprille Franks-Hunt is the Founder and CEO of Women Recharged, a transformational movement that amplifies women's voices and triumphant stories of truth, and Coach, Speak & Serve™ (CSS), a next-level distance learning platform that helps modern-day authors, speakers and coaches maximize and monetize their messages. To date, both companies have serves over 4,000 individuals globally with tools, resources, training and support establishing Aprille as the go-to expert for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to do business on a higher plane and , in turn, reap higher profits and make global expansion a reality.
Her whip-smart coaching philosophy is rooted in strategic planning, sustaining action and implementation, an approach she honed while revitalizing  multi-million dollar commercial real estate portfolios as a consultant. When their high-stakes ventures were failing, investors and asset managers turned to Aprille to breathe new life into their businesses and bank accounts. 
With CSS, Aprille has revolutionized the concept of online community building and engagement, establishing an elite, high-result society of over 3,700 entrepreneurs who are impacting the world in monumental ways, from personal economic empowerment to social justice, in less than one year.
Her formula for success is simple - faith, action and continuous education.  Aprille propels her clients forward with the tools they need to manifest their own destiny, move into purpose, ignite momentum - and most importantly, to sustain it. 
Aprille understands that media, in all forms, is the best way to ensure her message gets out. With her recent anthology, Fabulous New Life, she gave a select group of women a life-changing opportunity to share their authentic journeys to now,  skyrocketing all 28, first-time co-authors to best-selling status.
Aprille helps men and women, tell stories. 
Aprille is working on Volume II set to release December 2015 and her fist anthology for men entitled, Male Perspectives will release June 2016.

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